The Jackrabbit

Aug 07, 2017
This humble, often overlooked creature lives almost everywhere in the desert, such as along the dry lakes at the bottom of Death Valley and in the high mountains among the piñons and junipers.
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The Moment

Apr 08, 2016
Perhaps a 1000 summers have come and gone since this glyph was etched into the stone, and yet it story is as clear and precise as the day it was made. This story is a moment in time that was treasured by an individual. To truly understand this moment we must understand this ancient archer.
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Some thought experiments on bighorn sheep and minerals

Sep 03, 2019
For a large healthy individual or large healthy population proper minerals are crucial. There are many issues that one can explore when dealing with bighorn sheep and minerals. Some of these are in the realm of established science but few if any have been applied.
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