Burro Bill and Me

Jan 07, 2011
Edna Calkins Price

This book could be viewed in many different ways, as a history book, an adventure book, or a book about various places in the Southwest. And it is certainly all that! However, for me it is a book about two people leaving the modern world and going back to a nomadic way of life. It is this journey that we all try to take even if it is just for one week. And so with this book we can follow Burro Bill farther back into this nomadic way of life than most of us will ever experience - Including the step-by-step way in which they left the modern world. We have in this book a view of what it's like to do this from the point of view of a man and a woman, that is to say, the basic unit of human existence. And in particular, we have it from the female or gatherer point of view. Edna's accurate and interesting point of view on her husband's way of doing things makes for interesting reading and their optimistic and upbeat view of things makes this book very enjoyable, to which can be added her detailed observations on a wide variety of subjects such as animal and human behavior and the lay of the land.