Grand Canyon - A Century of Change

Jan 07, 2011
Robert H. Webb
This book is simply amazing. It represents a monumental effort taken on by many people. The fact that this book has not been on bestseller's lists is a testament to where our culture now stands. The author can truly be proud of this monumental achievement and the fact that he saw significance of this project.
There are many places that have a few pictures here and there of the environment as it was a century ago, but this project has many pictures that document many aspects of the Grand Canyon and its environment. And of course, the subject matter is the Grand Canyon, and perhaps nowhere on the planet does environment play out on such a grand scale with variations such as low desert and alpine forests that make this truly a wonderful place. Also, we should appreciate what it took to produce this book. To acquire the first photographs, it took a very expensive expedition and one in which the photographer had to risk his life almost every day. And we should also appreciate that this time photography was a new technology. Then there is the second series of photographs which took a very high level of organization and determination to replicate the first ones. And after all this the author was able to bring to the written text a level of value and insight equal to the task. This book is as close as one can get to standing in one place and watch a century go by and for this reason I highly recommend it to anybody wishing to learn the way of things.