How to Choose Binoculars

Jan 07, 2011
Alan R. Hale
This book could be a very important book for somebody who wants to learn the ways the desert.
While it talks about technical issues concerning binoculars, this is a subject that is truly valuable to someone who wants learn the ways of the desert. A Good set of binoculars and the knowledge of how to use them truly affect one's presence and awareness in the field, and this all starts out with knowing how to choose a good set of binoculars. The technical component of this book is well-written and makes the subject matter easy to understand; and while the part of this book that deals with the different makers and their models is somewhat dated, it still has some value. The right set of optics and the knowledge of how to use them can make a tremendous difference. To start with, you will learn the ways of the desert from the true masters, that is to say, the wildlife. You will learn directly from the likes of the coyote and the desert bighorn sheep in a way that would be otherwise impossible.